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Dineh (Navajo) Art By Robert Maryboy
The Gift of Earth
The Eye of Spirit
Talking Spirit
The Spirit At Shiprock
The Perfect Gift
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Native American Artist Dineh

Robert Maryboy

I was raised by my Grandparents in traditional way near Bluff, Utah. When I paint I reflect back on my childhood days on the reservation and my Grandfather's teachings. I learned a lot from my Grandparents. I helped them herd sheep which gave me the opportunity to live in and appreciate the out of doors. I was always fascinated by the colorful landscapes and the wildlife. During this time I would draw on sandstone with sticks and any other means I could create meaningful artwork. I then began using paper and pencil.

In high school, my interest in art grew as I was given the chance to paint with different mediums. After my school I joined the U.S. Army where I pursued painting on canvas with acrylic paint. After my military career, I continued painting on canvas and added pottery at that time.

I have been painting professionally for fifteen years. I have realized that I can send a message to someone through a masterpiece of artwork. The paintings represent or symbolize some things in my culture which tell of Love, Peace, Unity, Strength, Hope, and Harmony. I hope my paintings will bring all of these to you.

The Perfect Gift

Talking Spirit

Spirit at Shiprock

The Gift of Earth

Eye of Spirit

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