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Dineh (Navajo) Art By Robert Maryboy
The Gift of Earth
The Gift of Earth
The Eye of Spirit
Talking Spirit
The Spirit At Shiprock
The Perfect Gift
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The Dineh Artist, Robert Maryboy went on a hunting trip. Grandfather Hosteen Maryboy shared a hunting story, how the old way of traditional hunting is performed.

Mother Earth provides the gift of life. It provides wild game like; elk, deer, fish, and rabbit. Different herbs are collected and used inside the sweat lodge. This ritual ceremnony is performed for four days. After the wildlife is obtained, the skins are tanned and the meats are split from bone and dried They are then packed on horse back and all head for home. The antlers and bones are placed back in the mountains where the spirit of the wildlife roams. Mother Earth will provide more wildlife for the Dineh People.

Be thankful for the gift of Mother Earth and live long. Dineh people maintain the spiritual qualities that they find in every mountain, desert, river, stream and animal is encompassed by the Great Spirit and Mother Earth.

Order a print of this wonderful work for your home.
$150 plus $17 shipping and handling.
Total print size with Border 16.5 x 20.5
Frames available upon request and availability with adjusted pricing for frame as well as shipping.
Please write to request framed prints to be approved.
All others can send check or money order to:

Robert Maryboy, Dineh' Artist
P.O. Box 206
Bluff, Ut 84512
Shipping and Handling subject to change.
International Orders Please Send for Rates.
Please send full address, exact number of print requests, and Title: The Gift Of Earth
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