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Dineh (Navajo) Art By Robert Maryboy
The Eye of Spirit
The Gift of Earth
The Eye of Spirit
Talking Spirit
The Spirit At Shiprock
The Perfect Gift
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The Artist, Robert Maryboy, was raised by his maternal Grandparents during his boyhood years. The Grandfather, Hastiin Maryboy shared the creation stories to his Grandson.

The Great Spirit, the Eagle, came in view from the spirit world and delivered the holy feather to the Dineh Warrior, at one of the sacred places Tse Bit' ai, Shiprock. The Dineh Warrior, the Holy Feather, The Eagle and Shiprock are all part of the creation story.

Dineh Medicine men share thier stories to the young and elder generation during the winter season when all the animals are in hibernation. The thunder and lightning represents the power of the Great Spirit.

One Strength; the Dineh is thier belief that balance underlies the spiritual and physical entities of the Earth. They strive for Hozhoogo, a term that has no equivalent, but may include beauty, balance and harmony. May the Great Spirit be with you daily.

Order a print of this wonderful work for your home.
$160 plus $17 shipping and handling.
Total print size with Border 16.5 x 20.5
Frames available upon request and availability with adjusted pricing for frame as well as shipping.
Please write to request framed prints to be approved.
All others can send check or money order to:

Robert Maryboy, Dineh' Artist
P.O. Box 206
Bluff, Ut 84512
Shipping and Handling subject to change.
International Orders Please Send for Rates.
Please send full address, exact number of print requests, and Title: The Eye of The Spirit
(Description not included with print)

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